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Best SEO tools for auditing and monitoring your website

Track your website positions in search engines, fix errors, and increase organic traffic from one place, all from within the same platform.
  • Rank Tracking
  • Traffic Analytics
  • Health Monitoring
  • Domain Metrics and Technical Information
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Our goal is to simplify project management by giving you complete control over your websites.

Rank Tracking

Improvement is challenging, but continuous improvement is even harder. Our SEO checker offers advanced monitoring to analyze changes over any date range conveniently.

Easy monitoring and functionality

  • See SERP for other locations
  • Daily automatic position checks
  • Summary of tops
  • Position history
  • Detailed info
  • Filters and sorting
  • URL change alerts
  • Summary by groups
  • Filtering by URLs
  • Frequency by region

Free Website Errors Checker

Even if your website offers the best content and products, meeting technical requirements to attract visitors is crucial.

Our tool helps identify website issues and provides recommendations for fixing them. With daily monitoring and position tracking, you can assess your website's performance and identify new areas for growth.

Website Audit

Running e-commerce? Consider complex analysis for customer insights. This can help you determine what they're searching for and what's tripping them up.

Check your entire website, not only one page

  • Fix H1 duplicates
  • Check server response codes
  • Website speed test
  • Check meta tags
  • Categorize errors based on their priority
  • Useful filters and sorting options
  • Export reports
  • Get alerts for relevant URL changes
  • Filtering by groups
  • Summary by pages


Frequently Asked Questions

How to check a website for errors?

Just enter your web address and wait a bit. You will see a brief analysis of successful tests, warnings, and errors. This process is automated. Just click on errors to identify and solve problems one by one.

How to find and fix broken links on my website?

After the analysis, scroll down to the 'On-Page SEO' section to see all broken links.

Can your service help me to promote my website on Google?

Yes, our service is more than just a website error checker. It provides a detailed report for each aspect of our analysis and suggests how to resolve the issues. This helps you better understand how everything works and how to improve your website rankings.

Can I use your service for competitive analysis?

Yes, it is highly recommended for competitive analysis. Our service can provide valuable insights about your competitors' strategies. By analyzing their strengths and weaknesses, you can pick up on best practices and avoid making the same mistakes they have.