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Domain Age Checker

The tool will help to check the age of the website by its whois data.

What is a domain age check?

The age of a domain name is one of the search engine ranking factors often overlooked by search engine optimizers and webmasters. The age of a domain is the time of a domain's existence, not when you registered or re-purchased it but when a search engine bot indexed it.

The old domain is more likely to rank higher on search engines because the search bot has already gathered information about it and ensured the domain is not used for fraud, spam, or to distribute inappropriate content.

Many companies prefer to buy old domains, i.e., domains that have been around for some time. However, the fact that a domain was registered ten years ago does not mean that Google considers it ten years old. The age counts from the moment Google indexes it. Thus, even if a domain has been registered for a long time but has not been used, it is likely to be regarded by Google as recently acquired.

It is also essential to consider the background of an old domain, i.e., how previous owners used it. For example, a website on a domain that has changed hands frequently changed topics or been used for spamming or for unethical purposes may be penalized by search engines.

The age of a website is the time that a website has existed since it was launched. However, it is important to note that the age of a domain is not necessarily the same as the age of a website, as a domain can be registered and a website launched months or even years later.

The age of a website can also help assess its reliability and credibility. If a company's website has been around for a long time, it means the company has established itself and managed to get a foothold in the market, whereas a young website still needs to have a reputation and credibility.

What output will the Website Age Checker produce after the launch?

The Website Age Checker determines the age of a specified domain from its whois data.

The Site Age Checker is an online tool that helps you determine the age of a domain name since its registration. The main purpose of checking a domain's age is to find out when it was registered and how long it has existed.

What you can check with this tool:

  • The real age of the existing domain name you want to buy;
  • The age of your competitors' domain names as part of a competitive analysis to assess domain authority and link weight;
  • The age of your domain name in case you had forgotten when you registered it or if it was registered by someone else.

How to use the Domain Age Checker: enter the domain name of the website you want to check and run the tool. In a second, it will show you how many years have passed since the domain was registered.

Why is it necessary to check the age of a domain?

With the Domain Age Checker, you can review the age of the domain name you want to buy and the age of your competitor's domain.

What is the purpose of checking the age of a domain name:

  • To evaluate the reputation of a domain in terms of search engines.

Checking a domain's age lets you know how long it has been in the search index. Acquiring a brand new domain name means you will have to build up a reputation from scratch. In contrast, domain names that have been around for a long time may already have a positive reputation and credibility. Users may have already developed trust in the name because it has been around for a long time, and the website has not been involved in scams, fraud, or search engine promotion violations.

  • To get an idea about the size of the website's link profile.

Old domains that have existed for a long time tend to have more backlinks than young websites. If a professional has worked on the development of the website, most probably link promotion also took place, and all work on SEO can be a big plus for the new owner of the domain name.

  • To evaluate the potential for search engine ranking.

The age of a domain can affect a website's ranking in Google and other search engines. An older domain with a high search engine ranking can save you time, money, and SEO effort. Checking the age of a domain can help you determine how the age and authority of a domain can help in ranking in search results.

  • To check a negative background for the domain.

Older domains seem better because of their accumulated credibility and reputation. But we only review cases when the domain name belonged to an honest owner who adhered to the recommended rules and used only white methods to promote the website in search engines. What if the website had another owner who may have used the website for fraudulent purposes, hijacked the traffic, advertised, published banned content, or practiced black SEO methods? In this case, if you see that the domain is of age, you need to check the history of the domain name. If the domain is newly registered, it doesn't have a former owner who may have ruined the reputation for fraudulent activities and getting hit by search engine filters.