Domain To IP Converter

This service allows you to check the IP of a website or domain.

What is the IP lookup tool?

The online IP lookup service helps you figure out the IP address of any website by its URL.

Enter a website URL in the input field and run the check - for example, or In a few seconds, you will get the IP address of the specified website and the country where its server and data center is located.

If you want to check a Cyrillic domain, paste it into the input field as usual. The tool can recognize IDN domains, so you don't need to translate Cyrillic domains into Punycode to check them.

Please note that if you want to know the age of a domain or get information about the owner of a website, then our IP lookup tool cannot help. Instead, you should use the Domain Age Checker for these purposes.

Why is it necessary to check an IP address by a domain?

Checking an IP by a website's domain name can be helpful for developers and web admins. IP information is needed to identify phishing websites, track hackers, and tracert websites for the 2nd time. Also, all this information can help to find the location of your competitors' servers and prevent them from parsing your website.

What is an IP address, and why do we need it?

IP stands for Internet Protocol Address, the unique network address of a device connected to the Internet or a local area network. Every device on a computer network has an IP address, even your personal computer. The IP address contains information about the device's location and allows devices to identify each other and exchange information.

In the global network (WAN), the device has an external IP address through which Internet traffic can be sent to the device. In a local network (LAN), the device has an internal IP through which it can only communicate within that network. For example, a home router assigns internal IP addresses to a smartphone and a laptop that are connected to the network.

Websites also have IP addresses. The IP address of a website is the IP address of the server which stores its data.

If you wish, you can change the IP of your website. If you use a shared IP address (not a dedicated one), your website could be affected by the actions of "neighbors by IP". For example, if they publish content violating the law, they will be blocked, but the IP blocking will also affect your website. Also, if a website is undergoing a DDoS attack on an IP address, all of its "neighbors" will be affected. Using our online tool, you can find out which domains have the same IP as yours.

There are two ways to change the IP of a website by domain name:

  • order a website migration service to another hosting service or VPS;
  • order an additional IP address for the website.

An IP address looks like numbers separated by dots. Now there are two types of IP exist: IPv4 and IPv6.

IPv4 came into existence earlier. It only uses numbers. Here is an example of an IPv4 address: Over time, the number of devices needing IP addresses became so big that a new type had to be developed. It is called IPv6. Here is an example of an IPv6 address: FEDC:BA98:7654:3210:FEDC:BA98:7654:3210

IP address types: static and dynamic

IP addresses can be divided into static and dynamic by the way they are assigned.

A static IP address does not change every time a subscriber connects to the network. It is permanent. Usually, websites have static IP addresses so that the user is guaranteed to get to the desired website.

If the IP address may change on a new connection, then it is dynamic. Sometimes an ISP does not have enough IP addresses for all customers. In this case, it assigns one of the free IP addresses for the duration of the connection. Then, it may be changed to the next available IP on the next connection.