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Website Scam Checker

Find out if you can trust the site, make purchases, pay, and use the site.

Why check the credibility of a website?

Although there are many high-quality websites, some may be imitations, spammers, unscrupulous sellers, and other scams. Before making a purchase or entering personal information on an unfamiliar site, it is advisable to evaluate its level of trustworthiness. If the service gave the site a low score, it is recommended to find the desired product elsewhere, where there are more guarantees that you will get a quality product and avoid scammers.

In addition, it is recommended to study the content of the site:

  • Check the coincidence of the specified TIN and LLC with information from official sources;
  • Find the contact information: fraudulent sites often do not provide working ways of contact;
  • Validate the accuracy of personal information requirements: bank details, login and password from other services.

Even if the information on the site seems reliable and trustworthy, in any case be careful when entering payment and other personal data.

How does the tool check the reliability of a website?

The online tool uses parameters for verification that can be realistically evaluated algorithmically:

  • SSL certificate;
  • Domain age;
  • Indexation Google;
  • Number of site users;
  • Pages in social networks;
  • Viruses;

The service assigns a certain number of points to each parameter. The higher the site's rating, the better. For the absence of important elements the service removes points. Some indicators, such as the presence of accounts in social networks, are not mandatory, so points are not taken off for their absence.

How to use online tool to check the site for fraud?

The tool works for free. Enter the domain in the input field, run the check and wait for the result. The service will give you an overall score for the credibility of the site (the maximum rating - 100 points), and below will detail the points assigned with brief explanations.

What other parameters affect the credibility of the site?

It's important for Google to provide users with trustworthy sites where they can shop without the risk of losing money or exposing their identity to fraudsters. Indicators that indicate a site's trustworthiness are:

  • Business information: confirmation that the company actually exists and officially operates;
  • Information about purchase - warranty on the product, described conditions of return and problem solving;
  • Product or service reviews, reviews of the company as an employer - social confirmation of the company's reliability;
  • Technical parameters - SSL certificate, no sanctions and other parameters related to security of personal information and reliability of the domain.