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Analytics of Telegram channels

We check Telegram channels and groups and show subscribers statistics.

Why Use Analytics Tools?

Analytics tools for Telegram channels enhance marketing strategies, boost audience engagement, and improve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. They are essential for:

  1. Evaluating Your Channel: Ensuring the chosen promotional strategy is appropriate and content is engaging for subscribers.
  2. Competitor Analysis: Adopting successful strategies from rival channels.
  3. Ad Placement Analysis: Identifying optimal platforms for advertising to avoid wasteful spending.

How to View Telegram Channel Statistics

Accessing detailed information about a Telegram channel is straightforward. Simply enter the channel's address or name and click "Check." This review will reveal:

  • Creation Date: Find out when the channel was established.
  • Authenticity: Verify whether the channel is original or a duplicate.
  • Suspicious Activity: Detect any unusual actions or anomalies in activity.
  • Subscriber Count: Obtain the current exact subscriber count.
  • Reach: Determine the actual user interaction with the content.
  • Engagement: Measure the audience's level of involvement and activity in the dialogue.

Identifying Fake Engagement in Telegram Channels

Channel owners may artificially inflate their audience size to attract advertisers, presenting a misleadingly large audience and overpriced ad posts with little return. You can analyze channels without specialized services by observing:

  • Engagement Rate (ERR): Calculate this by dividing the average reach of a post by the number of subscribers, multiplied by 100%. A good engagement rate for channels with over 500 followers is between 25-30%. Rates above 50% might indicate either a highly engaged small audience or falsified views.

  • Post Interactions: Assess reactions and comments. Sparse reactions are common, especially if the channel posts non-emotive content. Manually check comments for spam-like patterns, which could indicate either purchased comments or unintended crowding by marketing efforts. In the latter case, these comments are likely to be moderated.

  • Daily View Patterns: Posts published in the morning typically peak in views by afternoon and plateau by night. Evening posts see a surge the next morning. Consistent view counts regardless of posting time suggest artificial inflation.

  • Sudden Audience Growth: While not inherently indicative of fraud (could be due to legitimate ad spending), combined with other factors, it might signal deceptive practices.