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Checking the indexing status of a website

This tool checks whether the page is indexed in search engines.

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This free tool will show you if Google has indexed a web page.

Google constantly crawls over millions of websites and makes an index for each page. However, its algorithms may avoid some websites. For example, if Google thinks that the keywords on your website are not relevant to users' search requests, it will likely stop its indexing.

If your website does not appear in the search engine output, users can not find it, which makes it useless. Furthermore, if any web page is missing from the Google search, it can be reached only by internal links, which brings you fewer visitors. And this is the number-one thing why website owners should worry about getting their websites on Google.

This free tool is extremely helpful for website owners. You can do a fast indexing test and check the presence of your pages on the Google output. However, pay attention that even indexed URLs can disappear from the Google search after a while.

How to check if your website is indexed?

  1. Enter the list of your URLs

  2. Choose a search engine

  3. Run checks

  4. Our tool will show a list of indexed pages with a tick sign