Website traffic checker

Quick site attendance check tool by open counters or Alexa data.

Traffic by week, month, and year

You might wish to see the site stats in order to check the positions of your competitors or find the leaders to keep up with. However, for obvious reasons, such data is not always publicly available, as webmasters often do not install attendance counters, or hide statistics from prying eyes.

How to check the stats?

You can use our free tool to conduct the site analysis for the amount of traffic. Just enter the address of the web resource you are interested in and click "check". You will see approximate data on visitors and views per day, month, and year.

How is site traffic determined?

To find the amount of traffic to a resource, we first look for open statistics counters LiveInternet and Yandex.Metrica.

If they are not available, we take data from Alexa. The Alexa metrics are not very precise. Firstly, Alexa creates a site ranking based on the statistics from users who installed the browser plugin. For Runet, such an amount is very small, so the data is inaccurate.

Secondly, Alexa makes calculations only for second-level domains. If you have a blog on a blogging platform, you will see the information about the entire platform, and not about your blog.

Data accuracy

We are not responsible for the provided data accuracy. The formula used in the traffic calculation gives only approximate value. You should not take the received data as a basis for decision-making. You may not refer to the received data and indicate our service as the data source.