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Analysis of the TOP results of Google by keywords

A tool for quickly uploading to TOP-100 sites from the search results for given requests. Checking parameters: two search engines, regions, language, mobile and desktop results. TOP 10, 20, 50 or 100. Comparison by URL or domain.
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Why to analyze search results for key requests?

  • to find the closest competitors;
  • to check the relevance of your pages;
  • to analyze the content of TOP sites to write new articles and other texts for your pages;
  • to collect the semantics of the SERP leaders to finalize the structure of your site.

How does the TOP SERP analysis tool work?

The service analyzes the search results and shows a list of sites that occupy the first places for each given request. You can choose domain or URL comparison depending on the purpose of the search results. If domains or URLs are found in several lists, they will be highlighted with the same color so that you can see the number of pages are being promoted for several necessary requests at the same time.