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Online text checker is a tool that analyzes the content of writing by counting keywords, identifying frequently used words, summarizing length and readability, and displaying headings.
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Text Analysis Service overview

The Online Text Analyzer will help you monitor the work of your copywriter: check the amount of work done, assess the optimization and quality of the text you intend to publish on your website, perform word frequency analysis and determine the relevance of the content to key search queries.

What the text service will do to conduct an SEO analysis of the text:

1. Determine the copywriter's workload

Calculate the length of the text by the number of characters, words, and sentences. So, you will be able to monitor the copywriter's performance as detailed in the scope of work.

2. Assess the relevance of the text to search queries

You will see the exact occurrences of the queries in the headings and main text. In addition, the service will find and highlight the remaining keywords so that you can see their density in the text. With this information, you will be able to assess the relevance of the text to the correct queries and adjust the number of keywords.

3. Check the quality of content

The service will find stopwords, determine water and spam content, calculate the frequency of other words, and display the text structure - i.e., the number of different headings H1-H6. Also, you will be able to eliminate overspam, move important keys to the headings, rephrase sentences that contain stop words, and further optimize headings by adding exact occurrences of queries and changing the subheadings.

How work text checker

How to do text analysis online?

Enter the text into the input field and get a comprehensive SEO analysis and quality check. You can also enter the main keywords to assess relevance - put each query on a new line without additional characters. The service will search for exact occurrences of the keywords in the headings and main text. As a result, you will see the counter with numbers.

You can add and change the text in the editor window: it allows you to type text, mark up numbered and bulleted lists, add different levels of headings, insert links and snippets of the code as examples, and apply character formatting.

Why is necessary an SEO text analysis?

Search engines evaluate content to present in the top search results only the quality webpages that solve users' queries and give them comprehensive and truthful information. Still, search robots cannot fully replace humans, so Google's search assessors do part of the analysis. For example, they determine the credibility of information and the potential harm it can do to users, the environment, and society.

The algorithm can evaluate other parameters: it will count keywords to determine relevance, find headlines with the help of HTML markup, evaluate the usefulness of text for spam and wateriness, and recognize a table or a bulleted list to display in the Rich Results section.

This online tool makes it easy for you to analyze content: it determines the relevance of the search query and the quality of the text itself.

Typical character count

CategoryWord CountLength
Twitter post14-2071-100
Facebook post1680
Instagram signature20100
YouTube description28-30138-150
Middle school360-1,2001,800-6,000
College application240-7801,200-3,900
Undergraduate college1,800-6,0009,000-30,000
Graduate school application600-1,2003,000-6,000
LinkedIn article2,280-2,40011,400-12,000
Blog posts600-9603,000-4,800
Cover letters240-4801,200-2,400
Short stories~9,000~45,000