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Virus Scan Website

The service helps to find site vulnerabilities for free to prevent virus infection.

Site infection negatively affects both its interaction with users and its position in search engines. Search engines try to protect users and can block potentially dangerous sites. For example, Yandex has its own algorithms that allow you to check the site for viruses. It is impossible to determine whether a site is infected without checking, but there are several signs that indicate a possible virus:

  • decrease in the speed of the site;
  • significant decrease in attendance;
  • on the contrary, a sharp increase in attendance, but the visitors are bots;
  • the appearance of content that was not added by site administrators;
  • changes in the functionality of the site;
  • redirects users to pages of third-party resources.

How do sites get infected?

Here are some reasons:

  • Unprotected control systems. Some CMSs do not have built-in virus protection, or it is insufficient. Captcha input or restriction on the number of password attempts are not provided;
  • Outdated software used by the site owner. From CMS to plugins and various add-ons like widgets;
  • Free software. It is used to save money, but it can be harmful;

How does a virus scan work?

Enter the site URL and click "Scan". You will see the results of security analysis from Yandex and Google.