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XML-Sitemap generation tool

Use our generator to create a sitemap file for free. Enter a list of URLs for your file, and the service will make the correct XML sitemap.
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What is a sitemap?

A sitemap is a list of website pages for users or search engine crawlers. An XML sitemap is a sitemap for search engine crawlers only. It contains lists and hierarchies of pages that need to be indexed.

Why do I need a sitemap?

Your sitemap acts as a navigator for search engine crawlers. It helps them properly crawl and index website pages, speed up the process, and re-pagination. Also, it allows bots to identify canonical pages.

What websites need a sitemap?

A sitemap is useful for websites with many pages, as it facilitates the crawling process. However, landing pages, one-page websites, and small business card websites do not require a sitemap because proper page linking is sufficient for them.