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Heading H1: rules of writing

Check the presence and correctness of the H1 tag on any page of the site.

What is the H1 tag?

H1 tag in SEO is a kind of a book or article title that briefly characterizes the following page information. Each site page should include only one H1 tag.

H1 heading tag is the first thing that readers see. In fact, they can evaluate how useful the whole material will be judging by this short line. So, it determines how many views your site page will receive.

H1 tag should strictly adhere to certain rules – the number of symbols, uniqueness, theme.

What difference between H1 and Title tags?

Many site owners mix up H1 tags and titles. So, what differences can we highlight?

The title is of paramount importance in the attractiveness of the page to the site visitors. But for SEO promotion, the heading tag is a must.

H1 tag is the title of the page, but it is equally displayed for users and search engines. It also appears in the SERP snippet (active link to the site) and in the web browser tab. Numerous H1 checkers allow for controlling the content of both SEO elements for optimal search results.

How to write H1 correctly (examples)?

A dismissive attitude to the importance and uniqueness of headings can cause problems in indexing, even up to the site falling under search engine filters. The H1 tag is one of the main components of SEO, as it provides the user information about what the page he came to is about. Therefore, it is very important to add the main focus to the H1 header so that the search engine and the user correctly check the page content.

  • Titles and H1 tags should not coincide and copy each other.
  • It’s also recommended to write short H1 – shorter than titles. The optimal length is something about 30 symbols when the upper level is 50 symbols.
  • H1 tags should be unique, i.e., not copy-pasted from a side source, and never be used on your site again.
  • Write straightforward tags that directly reflect the content of the page/article.
  • Experts also recommend using as little punctuation marks as possible here.

SEO tools like our H1 tag checker ensure an excellent opportunity to analyze and correct the filling of all meta tags. The checker looks for mistakes, extra symbols and marks, offers optimal keywords. You can also check the whole site optimization efficiency.