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External and Internal Links Checker

Website Link Checker allows you to find links on any web page. The online tool will display external and internal links.

External Site Links: How to Post and How to Check

External or outbound links are links that lead from your site to other resources. We highly recommend you check the quality of the links posted on your sites. If you host too many outbound links to side sites that do not correspond to your topics or lead to sites with a dubious reputation, search robots can consider it as spam and downgrade your site in the search results. If you are not sure about the reliability of the resource to which the link leads, it is better to add the rel = "nofollow" attribute to it.

Search engines much better perceive inbound links that look natural and are placed naturally – offered by real site users. The examples include reviews or blog comments. Algorithms also like links to quality resources with high traffic. If you doubt the quality of inbound links on your site, we recommend trying an online link checker tool.

Where to Place External Links

Since the main weight of the site is located on the face page, you should minimize the number of external links posted there. Remove or prohibit indexing of the links to your partners, plugin developers and other sources not directly related to your site. The service for external and internal links analysis will analyze any page of the site. And the best way is to start from the main page.

Internal Site Links: How to Post and How to Check

Internal links are links that lead from one page to another within one site. They also call the process of posting internal links interlinking.

Here are reasons why we need internal links:

  • to increase the reputation of pages;
  • to transfer weight to the desired pages;
  • to speed up indexing of new pages;
  • to increase website usability by improving navigation;
  • to develop site structure.

Try our service to analyze the internal links and check whether the interlinking is arranged correctly and the anchors correspond to the content of the pages they lead to.