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Competitor Keyword Research Tools

The service performs the semantic core audit of your or your competitors’ site. Enter the queue and you will be presented with the list of keywords for the site, URL of the pages which are promoted by them, their position and the number of hits.

##Why do you need the competitors’ keywords analysis?

You might need the competitors’ keywords analysis in the following cases:

Analysis of the competitors. Analysis of the keywords which are used by the competitors for their promotion might help you understand the position of the competitors in the market, the strategy they use and the ways they attract the customers.

Analysis of the audience. To understand who are the customers of your competitors, you need to know what they would like to get. Search intents provide wast knowledge about who searches for what and how often. Analysis of the competitors’ keywords provides the chance to enlarge your audience and catch new market segments which were unknown to your company before.

Choice of the semantic core for your site Even if you already have the semantic core, we recommend to update it regularly to stay up to date with the audience’s search queries. When analyzing other companies’ keywords pay attention not only to popular queries but also to LSI semantics which would enhance your semantic core and representation in search results.

Selection of the keywords for advertising campaigns To avoid wasting budget, analyze the keywords which the competitors use to promote their ads. It might help create effective ads for exactly those queries which your audience is interested in.