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YouTube Keyword Tool

Boost your YouTube views by identifying keywords that are commonly searched for.

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YouTube Tags

YouTube tags, or "video tags," are key queries users may use to find channels, authors, and videos on the video hosting platform. To maximize the visibility of your content, use relevant queries in your descriptions.

Why collect tags for YouTube videos:

  • Improving visibility — well-chosen tags can help videos appear in search results and recommendations, attracting more viewers.
  • Targeting the right audience — with quality descriptions, your video can capture the attention of interested users.
  • SEO — relevant keywords can optimize your video for search results and improve its position in search engines.
  • Content ideas — among the keys found by the parser, you may discover new themes for videos.

Who is this tool for

YouTubers and content creators on YouTube

Marketers and SEO specialists

Beginner content creators

who want to improve the visibility and appeal of their videos.

who are involved in promoting videos on YouTube and want to optimize them for search queries.

who are looking for suitable tags for their videos and want to attract more viewers.

How to get a list of tags:

  1. Enter the main query
  2. Choose one of 139 languages
  3. Select Cyrillic, Latin script, or numbers
  4. Specify stop words

The table with queries is ready! Copy it or download it as a CSV file.

What are YouTube tags and why are they needed?

YouTube tags are keywords or phrases added to the video description upon upload. They help the platform and search engines better understand the content of your video and classify it correctly. This improves ranking both within YouTube and in video search results.

Which tags are best to use for YouTube videos?

Choose tags that accurately reflect the content of the video. These can be general tags, such as the genre or theme of the video, as well as more specific ones, such as names of people, places, or events mentioned in the video.

How many tags can you add to a YouTube video?

YouTube allows up to 500 characters in the tags field, including commas between them. More important than quantity is relevance to the content.

Can you get many views by using tags?

Proper use of tags can improve video visibility and attract more viewers, but the quality, content, appeal to the audience, and timing of publication are more important.