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Blocking by Roskomnadzor checker

The tool will show if the site is blocked by Roskomnadzor. You can check the domain or IP. To check the ban from RKN, enter the website address in the field.

About blocking sites

Since 2009 the information distribution on the Internet is controlled in Russia by Roskomnadzor. It created its blacklist in 2012 and has updated it daily since then. The sites which contain the following content are likely to be blocked: call for violence, racial or religious hatred, pornography. Also, Roskomnadzor might want to blacklist a site for violation for the federal law 152 about personal data protection.

The site is blacklisted before the decision of the court the following way:

Roskomnadzor receives a complaint about the forbidden content present on a site; Roskomnadzor checks the site and notifies the hosting provider; The hosting provider notifies the site owner; If the site owner fails to remove the forbidden content in 3 days, the site is blacklisted and blocked by ISPs.

There are three main reasons for the site to be blacklisted without the court decision:

Child pornography; Promotion of drugs; Promotion of suicide.

The test does not show the list of the blocked sites and doesn’t provide means to bypass the restriction.