AI Image Generator

A tool for generating images from text requests. Transform text into visual content with our AI image generator based on OpenAI's DALL-E 3. Photorealistic and fantasy images in 15-30 seconds.

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How to Write a Prompt for DALL-E 3

To create expressive and unique images with DALL-E 3, follow these recommendations when formulating your request:

  1. Be Specific. Describe the precise details or elements you want to see in the image.

    • Example: "A robot playing a black acoustic guitar with a thoughtful expression and looking to the side," instead of "A robot with a guitar".
  2. Add Context. Describe what and where should be happening in the image.

    • Example: "The scene is set in 1930s New York on a street with passing cars".
  3. Add Details. Specify the style of a certain artist you want the image to be in, or what drawing technique to use.

    • Example: "Graphic, with sharply drawn contours, strokes without blurring".
  4. Specify the Number of Objects in the Image and Their Size.

    • Example: "A pitcher on the table in close-up, behind it on a plate are four apples", instead of "a pitcher with apples".
  5. Write Text that Should be Incorporated in the Image.

    • Example: "The person's T-shirt says 'Burning Man'".
  6. Include Famous Characters from Games or Movies if Necessary. DALL-E 3 recognizes many popular characters.

  7. Ask the Neural Network to Refine Your Idea if you're not sure what you want.

    • Example: "A housewife making pancakes in the least suitable setting".

Prompt Example:

"A space station on the surface of Mars with green domes and robots conducting research. Make the image in the style of an 80s space movie poster."