Online Open Graph Meta Tag Generator for Social Media

The tool generates Open Graph meta tags to create social media snippets so that links to the site are displayed correctly.

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Twitter has its own snippet requirements, whether special tags are needed?

Almost all social networks support the Open Graph standard, our tool has special options for Twitter.

How to change the snippet after posting?

The rights to edit it are required. If you change the meta tags on the site, the previously published snippets on social networks will not change.

Why is the picture not displayed in the snippet?

All social networks have their own image size requirements. Your image is probably not the right size or too heavy.

Can multiple images be used?

It is possible, but only one will be displayed when posting, you can choose it yourself.

How do I know if a snippet is displayed correctly?

Some social networks have services that allow you to check if snippets are displayed correctly. Facebook, Twitter & Google+.

Does the correct social media snippet affect SEO?

Social media snippets influence behavioral factors: well-formed links get more likes and conversions to the site.

I have a website on a ready-made CMS, how can I make a snippet correctly?

The most popular CMSs have a set of plugins that allow you to inject Open Graph markup without digging into the code.

There are no errors in the page code, but Facebook shows outdated or incorrect information, what should I do?

Use the OG Facebook Object Debugger to clear your cache and add up-to-date information.

There are no errors in the page code, but Vkontakte shows outdated or incorrect information, what should I do?

Use pages.clearCache on VK to clear the cache and add up-to-date information.

If the site has no social buttons, will Open Graph work?

Yes, but we recommend installing social buttons on your site so that visitors can share your content on social media.