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  • 23 successful tests
  • 7 errors
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Site-level parameters

Google Indexed
History data is found for this test!
Changes found in history for 5 years 8 months. First date: Dec 2013.


It is impossible to know how many pages Google correctly indexed on the site. The search engine does not maintain a database by URLs.

The approximate number of pages in the search results will be shown by the site operator, which we rely on. The number can be distorted by pages that are banned from indexing in robots.txt, but hit the search results because of external links to them.

The “Indexing Status” section in Google Search Console will show a slightly more correct number, but this data can also be distorted by the filters’ application.

Updated 05/25/2024 21:56
Google Safe Browsing
Set a specific URL.

Google scans websites to find infected resources, phishing pages, and other issues that degrade the search results and user experience. With this information, the search engine warns users about unsafe sites. If a site is deemed dangerous, Google might downgrade or remove it.

Additional Information:

Updated 09/29/2023 16:37
PR-CY Rank

Rank — 83 / 100 -5 


The button shows the current PR-CY rank indicator and allows you to quickly go to the analysis of the website.

PR-CY Rank
History data is found for this test!
Changes found in history for 1 year 6 months. First date: Mar 2020.


PR-CY Rank is a rating for assessing the prospects of sites as donors for link building. We analyze traffic and trust parameters while forming the rating, as well as the link profile of the site.

Influence - the potential of the site's influence on promotion. If the influence is weak, then both the negative effect (if the rating is low) and positive (if the rating is high) will be weak, and vice versa. The influence potential is based on the size of the site's regular audience.

Link factor - calculation is based on the ratio of incoming and outgoing links to the site, values of Trust Rank, Domain Rank, etc.

Traffic factor - calculation is based on the volume and dynamics of traffic (negative dynamics spoils the rating, positive dynamics - increases).

Trust Factor - analyzes many parameters, such as "ICS", the part of search traffic in total traffic, adaptation for mobile devices and many other factors recognized by search engines as significant for ranking.

Updated 05/25/2024 21:57
Website category
Enable monitoring to identify and fix technical errors, track metrics, and receive timely notifications about issues.
Monitor site indexing. A decrease in the number of indexed pages may indicate technical issues on the site.
Daily check your site for viruses and its status in the banned sites registry to prevent exclusion from search.


Approximate data April 2024.

Visitors, April 24
1.2B -18.9M
≈ 39.9M per day
≈ 477.8M per day
Bounce rate 
Visit Duration 
Pages per Visit 

Traffic sources

Direct traffic
Links on sites
Social networks
Search engine systems
Paid search

Social traffic
≈ %
≈ %
≈ %

Geography of visitors

South Korea
United States

Traffic Rank

Global Rank
Country Rank
Consider attracting traffic from sources successfully used by your competitor but missing or underrepresented in your site.
Identify the most effective social platforms for your audience based on competitor data.
If the competitor is successfully working with specific regions, consider strengthening your presence in those areas.
Compare the total number and quality of links referring to your and competitor sites. Use link building to increase the number of links to your site.
Study the profile of your links and the competitor's for their naturalness. A large number of natural links may indicate quality content.
Examining competitor pages that attract many external links can help identify popular or valuable content that can be adapted for your own site.
Keyword clustering helps identify the main topics of the site and determine which queries attract the most visitors.
Find new keywords for your site by collecting competitor keywords and search suggestions.
Analyze a page for keywords and their weight. Optimize content to improve search rankings.

Technical SEO

Status Code
Successful resource request.
    301 Moved Permanently
    302 Found
    200 OK
  • Successful resource request.

For successful indexing of the page by search bots, the HTTP response code of the server must be 200.

Additional Information:

  • [Checking the server response of the internal pages of the site](/tools/http-response/
  • List of status codes
Updated 05/25/2024 21:56
Current index status
HTTP header: does not prevent indexing, status code: «200»
Meta-Tag: does not prevent indexing
Robots.txt: does not prevent indexing
MetaRefresh: no tag


The pages that are closed from indexing can not be ranked in search results. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your webpage is accessible and open for indexing.

Updated 05/25/2024 21:56
Robots.txt file found. The site is allowed for indexing.


A robots.txt file is a list of restrictions for search robots or bots that visit a site and crawl information there. Before crawling and indexing your site, all robots go to the robots.txt file and look for rules.

The robots.txt file is located in the root catalogue of the site. It must be available on the URL:

There are several reasons to use a robots.txt file on your site:

  1. to remove duplicate content;
  2. to hide unwanted information;
  3. to limit the indexing speed.
Updated 05/25/2024 21:56
XML sitemap
Not found.


A Sitemap file is a file with information about the pages on the site to be indexed. With this file you can:

  • tell search engines which pages of your site need to be indexed;
  • find out how often the information on the pages is updated;
  • understand which pages are most important to index.

Additional Information:

Updated 05/25/2024 21:56
The site is accessible via HTTPS. The certificate is valid until 08/18/2024.

For the promotion of commercial sites, the confidentiality of the exchange of information between the server and visitors is important. This increases the loyalty of potential customers to the resource, increases the level of trust, affects the conversion and growth of positions in the search results for almost all requests.

Updated 05/25/2024 21:56
WWW redirect
Redirection is configured.


Technically, domains with www and without www are two different resources; search engines index and rank them separately, and links will have different weights. This can lead to:

  • Decrease in search results
  • Filter, because a search engine may mistake one site for a duplicate of another;
  • Problems with authorization on the site and other functionality that uses cookies;

The problem is solved by a 301 redirect and an indication of the main mirror to the search engines. From the website promotion point of view, a domain without www is better, because it is not a third-level domain, and its length will always be shorter.

Updated 05/25/2024 21:56
HTML loading speed
1.62 sec - faster than 14% of tested sites.

Download speed directly affects behavioral factors: the faster the download, the fewer bounces. The Google robot visits slow sites less often. This affects the effectiveness of promotion, such sites are rarely indexed. Loading speed is one of the main factors in Google ranking.

Updated 05/25/2024 21:56
404 page response code
Great, received code 404.


While requesting a non-existent page, the server should return a 404 error which is"page not found."

If the server is set up incorrectly and a 200 error returns, then the page exists. In this case, search engines may index all pages of the site with errors.

Set up the site in such a way that while requesting non-existent pages a 404 response code "page not found" or a response code 410 "page deleted" appear.

Updated 05/25/2024 21:56
Link from 404 page
Link from 404 page found.


During requesting a non-existent page, the server displays a standard page with a 404 error. For the users’ convenience we recommend making a unique 404 page and adding a backlink to the site on it.

Updated 05/25/2024 21:56
Analytics systems

Statistics systems on the site take into account traffic, refusals, viewing depth and many other indicators. They help to track the effectiveness of promotion and advertising campaigns.

Updated 05/25/2024 21:56
Tag History
Not found.

The test shows active and previously unplugged counters of statistics systems and related sites. This information can be useful if a competitor has projects unknown to you, the statistics of which are managed from one account so you can find them.

If something goes wrong in your counters, you can also find it out.

Sometimes Web studios independently install counters on clients' sites and manage them from the same account as the counter of their site. You can analyze the studio's website and, thanks to this test, find out who its clients are.

Updated 05/25/2024 21:56
Technologies used on the site

JavaScript libraries



Page Encoding

Encoding "UTF-8"


Due to incorrect encoding, site content may be displayed incorrectly. In addition to the fact that visitors will not like it, the site will not be indexed or will get under the search engines filter. We recommend using UTF-8 encoding to display the text on the site pages correctly. In some CMS, for example, Wordpress, files are written in this encoding, AJAX also supports only UTF-8.

Don't forget to include the encoding in your meta tags: <meta charset="UTF-8" />

Updated 05/25/2024 21:56
Domain age
27 years
Young and new domains are poorly promoted in highly competitive topics. The history of the domain and site is also important. Old domains with a bad history are difficult to promote. Search engines love old, topical domains with a good history (no filters, spam, black SEO, etc.).
Updated 05/25/2024 21:56
Expiration Date
The domain was extended until 09/11/2032

Don't forget to prolong your domain name. It’s better to involve auto-renewal with your registrar. After the end of the domain registration, there is a chance to lose access to the domain.

Updated 05/25/2024 21:56
IP History

We found 11 sites with the same IP address.

IPFoundLostDomains domain. Upgrade Plan. domain. Upgrade Plan.

IP addresses ever found on the site. And also the sites that have the same IP address.

Updated 05/25/2024 21:56
Server location
South Korea
Search engines consider in what country server is located. Perfect situation when server is located in the same country with your target audience.
Updated 05/25/2024 21:56
Data center
NAVER Cloud Corp.

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In-page SEO

Website Audit

Website scan not started.

Audit of website pages:

  • errors of pages responses;
  • see broken links;
  • problems with meta-tags.
Start crawl
Meta Title


Length: 5 characters. Found: 1 tag.


A webpage title is a headline of the webpage in search results. A title is one of the main indicators of relevance considered by search engines. The title must contain keywords but may not contain a website name as the crawler (search robot) already knows the domain name.

Updated 05/25/2024 21:56
Meta Description

네이버 메인에서 다양한 정보와 유용한 컨텐츠를 만나 보세요

Length: 32 characters. Found: 1 tag.

**Description: **

Description is a tag that is used to describe a page for a search engine crawler, users do not see it. It should describe the content of the page correctly, because search engines often use the text from the Description to compose a snippet. It is better to place the keywords to the top, the text should not be repeated in other parts of the page. In the page code, the tag is placed between <head> and </head>. The optimal text size in the Description tag is 150-300 symbols for Google and up to 160 symbols for Yandex. It does not influence on SEO directly, while CTR depends on a good description.

Updated 05/25/2024 21:56
H1: 1
H2: 0
H3: 0
H4: 0
H5: 0
H6: 0


The H1-H6 headers are responsible for the structure of the page's content. You need to highlight them in the layout to help the reader navigate the text. Headings are important for search engine promotion because search engines use them to determine what is on the page and how relevant it is. Arrange headers according to hierarchy and do not link to them.

Updated 05/25/2024 21:56
Text length

109 characters


The relevance of the content is more important than the length of the text for search engines. Choose the amount of text depending on the topic and purpose, focus on the competitors’ materials. The optimal text length is 1000-2000 words for two or three promoting keywords / phrases.

Updated 05/25/2024 21:56
Number of words

0 words

For search engines, content relevance is more important than text length. Choose the amount of text depending on the topic and purpose, focus on the materials of competitors. The optimal text length is 1000-2000 words for two or three promoted keywords/phrases.

Updated 05/25/2024 21:56
Keywords density (without stop words)

Keyword density is one of the qualitative indicators of text, it shows the frequency of repetition of words in a document. "Keyword stuffing" is equal to the proportion of repeated words to the entire volume of the text.

A high level of Keyword density is considered to be 8%. Such texts are often hard to read, they are spammed. The pages they are hosted on have a high percentage of failures. A site with a lot of texts with a high Keyword density may receive sanctions from search engines.

Normal Keyword density is 4-6%. Almost all classical literature has this level of Keyword density.

HTML size
33 KB


The optimal page size is considered to be up to 100 KB after compression. Delete unnecessary elements and use gzip compression to reduce the size.

Updated 05/25/2024 21:56
External links
No links found.


External links are the links from you to another site. Try not to refer to resources with incorrect information that do not relate to your topic, choose useful and authoritative ones. Do not put too many external outgoing links and do not post them on your homepage. Selling the links negatively affects promotion.

Updated 05/25/2024 21:56
Internal Links
29 links, of which are indexed Among them, 29 are indexed.


With the help of internal links, you can influence the weight redistribution between individual pages of the resource, referring to more significant sections or articles. This weight redistribution is called linking and is used as part of internal site optimization.

Internal links influence behavioral factors - they simplify navigation and help the user to get to the necessary section faster.

Updated 05/25/2024 21:56
Adult content

Not found.


The service searches the words on sites that can be classified as pornography. Search engines are struggling with showing 18+ content, so they remove sites with pornographic materials from the ranking for other requests.

Even if you have not posted such materials on the site, they may appear as a result of a hacked site or in the comments.

What to do:

  • do not use words, images and videos of a pornographic nature;
  • check ads on your site, switch off showing 18+ ads if they are shown by default;
  • check users’ reviews and comments;
  • if you link to another site, make sure that there is no adult content and links to such sites.
Updated 05/25/2024 21:56
Open Graph markup
네이버 메인에서 다양한 정보와 유용한 컨텐츠를 만나 보세요


Open Graph was developed by Facebook specialists to make links to sites within the social network displayed nicely and be informative. Now Open Graph is supported by many social networks: Facebook, Twitter and messengers, for example, Telegram and Skype.

Why to use Open Graph?

  1. for user to see relevant text and image on the link preview
  2. to improve the behavioral factors of the site - a properly designed link makes more conversions
  3. to make link snippet look like an independent post on your personal page or in the community - you do not have to add a description and pictures.

You have to insert the Open Graph meta tags into the page code of the tag to get a beautiful site snippet.

Updated 05/25/2024 21:56 markup

Not found.


Micro-markup is the semantic markup of website pages that structures data. It is based on injecting special attributes into the HTML code of the document. is a globally recognized standard that is recognized by the most popular search engines such as Google, Yandex, Yahoo and Bing.

Pros of micro-markup:

  1. The logical structure of the information on the page helps search engines retrieve and process data.
  2. Enhanced snippets on the search results page improves click-through rates.
Updated 05/25/2024 21:56
 Great, the site has a favicon.


To highlight your site, use the Favicon, a special image format that appears next to your site's address in the search engine and in the address bar.

To make browsers show your site’s icon, put it into your site’s root folder. You can assign different icons to individual pages.

Updated 05/25/2024 21:56
Not found.
History data is found for this test!


Search engines eagerly index tweets. Links in tweets are also indexed, including indirect ones (for example, through services, etc.). At the same time, Twitter is indexed by fast robots. To have an impact on website promotion in Google a link from Twitter must be indexed by search engines.

Twitter helps to promote the site and speeds up its indexing.

Updated 09/29/2023 16:37
Not found.


Search engines index links from Facebook. The most useful are the likes of the company's social page itself. The more likes the Facebook page of the promoted site gets, the more links from the pages of social network users the site will receive. The most valuable are the likes from authoritative accounts and popular pages. Sharing your Facebook page is similar in effect to backlinks.

The system does not detect groups or profiles from Facebook. It is important to mention a link to a business page on a social network. A link to your site should also be on the social network page.

Updated 08/23/2021 18:30



Telegram has all the features of a social network to promote companies. It allows you to create channels analogous to groups and communities, share content on behalf of the company, communicate with brand representatives, develop the channel, and attract more subscribers.

The service searches for Telegram channels and groups links on a website. It will find them if the links are listed correctly - for example, If you don't see your Telegram channel in the results, then the link may be broken.

Updated 05/25/2024 21:56

Google PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Desktop
2 / 100
Page loading speed
5.4 sec.
First Contentful Paint (FCP)
0.9 sec.
Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
4.9 sec.
Time To Interactive (TTI)
5 sec.
Total Blocking Time (TBT)
287 ms.
Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)


The service measures the speed of the site and analyzes the stages of the loading process. Stages correspond to LCP, CLS, FID and others that are included in the Core Web Vitals from Google: content rendering, response time to the first user action, layout displacement due to loading elements. By optimizing these steps, you can speed up loading times and make your site more user-friendly.

Updated 05/25/2024 21:57
PageSpeed Mobila
12 / 100
Page loading speed
9.5 sec.
First Contentful Paint (FCP)
5.5 sec.
Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
16.6 sec.
Time To Interactive (TTI)
15.6 sec.
Total Blocking Time (TBT)
1,576 ms.
Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)


Google is moving sites to mobile-first indexing, that is, it will primarily focus on the mobile display of the site. Download speed should meet standards on any device. The service analyzes the loading stages and compares the indicators with the Core Web Vitals parameter: the webmaster will be able to work on each stage and, due to this, improve the speed in general.

Updated 05/25/2024 21:57
Avoid Plugins
No plugins found.


Plug-ins help the browser process the special content, such as Flash, Silverlight or Java. Most mobile devices do not support plug-ins, which leads to many errors and security violations in browsers that provide this support. In this regard, many browsers restrict the work.

Updated 05/01/2024 12:45
Configure Viewport
The site is displayed correctly on all devices.


Description for the viewport. This means that mobile devices will try to display them as on a PC, downscaling in proportion to the size of the screen. Specify the viewport tag so your site displays correctly on all devices.

The viewport determines how a web page is displayed on a mobile device. If not specified, the page width is assumed to be the PC standard and is reduced to fit on the screen. Thanks to the viewport, you can control the page width and its scaling on different devices.

Updated 05/25/2024 21:57
Image compression
Images are not optimized.
Image URLSize in KBPossible KB saving KB78.37 KB KB70.71 KB KB58.18 KB KB58.17 KB KB50.79 KB

Try to reduce the size of images to a minimum, it will speed up the loading of resources. The correct format and compression of images can reduce their size. Perform basic and advanced optimization on all images. As part of the basic optimization, trim unnecessary margins, reduce the color depth to the minimum acceptable value, remove comments and save images in an appropriate format. Basic optimization can be done using any image editing software.

The area of the screen
Your entire page is in the screen.

Users of PCs and mobile devices are used to perform vertical and not horizontal scrolling websites. If to view just the content you need to scroll the website horizontally or zoom out, it causes any inconvenience.

When developing the mobile site with a meta viewport tag, you will have to position the content so that it will not fit into the specified viewport. For example, if the image is wider than the viewport, there may be a need for horizontal scrolling. To avoid this, you need to change the content so that it entirely fits.

Updated 05/01/2024 12:45
The screenshot of the website on your smartphone

Website design for mobile phones solves two problems: it provides users with a comfortable viewing of the site from any device and has a positive effect on the search ranking of the site.

Check that your site displays correctly on mobile devices.

Updated 05/25/2024 21:57
Unused CSS
Defer loading unused CSS styles.
URLTotal BytesWasted BytesWasted % KB43.37 KB85% KB12.12 KB83%
Updated 05/25/2024 21:57
Font sizes
The font size and row height on your website conveniently read the text.

'One of the most common problems of reading of sites on mobile devices is too small font size. Have constant to scale the website to read small text, and it is very annoying. Even if the site has a mobile version or adaptive design, the problem of poor readability due to small font are not uncommon.

Use legible font sizes to make your site more convenient.

Updated 05/01/2024 12:45
Your browser cache
Found 114 resources that do not have caching headers or are configured for too short time.
URLSizeCache Lifetime KB0 KB0 KB0 KB0 KB0

Due to the cache users re visiting your website, spend less time on loading pages. Caching headers should apply to all cached static resources.

Updated 05/25/2024 21:57
Minify Resources
Static resources are not minify.


The resource size can be reduced by removing unnecessary page elements such as extra spaces, line breaks, and indentation. By minifying HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you can speed up page loading, parsing, and rendering.

Updated 05/25/2024 21:57