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Comparison of two texts online

This tool helps find differences in two texts. In the settings, you can choose to display the results of the comparison. Differences in the texts are highlighted in colors. Green is an added character, red is deleted. Comparing texts for similarity is necessary when you need to create many texts on the same topic but avoid repetitions, when ordering text from a copywriter, or if you think the owner of another site has stolen your content. The service for comparing two texts will show the changed parts of the text and highlight them in color for clarity. You can choose to highlight characters, words, or entire lines.
Highlighting of results:
First text:
Second text:
Проверьте дватри текста нав различиях

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How to Compare Two Texts

There is a tool that highlights deleted or altered elements between two texts. It operates in three comparison modes:

  1. Character-by-character;
  2. Word-by-word;
  3. Line-by-line.

To use it, you input two texts into the service's fields. After processing, you will see the texts with highlighted differences. Additions in the second text are marked in green, while deletions are shown in red.

Why Compare Texts

Text comparison can be useful in several scenarios:

  • When crafting multiple texts on the same topic, it helps avoid repetition.
  • In code analysis, it's used to identify differences or errors.
  • It's helpful for comparing legal documents.
  • To evaluate a copywriter's work.