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Markdown to HTML Converter

This tool allows you to convert HTML to Markdown and vice versa online. Type your HTML or Markdown code into the field, select the format you want the code to be converted to, and get the conversion for free.
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How does the HTML to Markdown converter work?

This tool converts HTML to Markdown or vice versa. When a user clicks on the desired format, the tool converts code using JavaScript libraries and produces ready-to-copy code. The content and structure of the result will be identical to what the user entered, except for the format.

Is the converter safe for my data?

The online converter only works with the code you enter in the specified field. We do not send it to any external server while doing the conversion and do not save it anywhere. So don't worry - your data is safe.

How is Markdown different from HTML?

HTML is a standardized language for marking up web pages for display in a browser. Markdown is a lightweight markup language for web documents that use textual formatting. Markdown is more readable than HTML, so it is used to simplify content writing.