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Bulk check Yandex SQI online

The tool allows you to find out the site’s WQI in one second. This indicator determines how much the site is in demand among users from the point of view of Yandex. You can use it for your own or someone else’s site.

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What is SQI?

SQI (site quality index) - Yandex indicator, that replaced the Thematic Citation Index.

SQI is based on the compliance of a resource with user requests and behavioral factors. The indicator takes into account the presence on other Yandex sites: Maps, Zen, Market. Quality Index updates will be carried out once a month, but we recommend checking the SQI more often.

You can determine the SQI of your site on Yandex.Webmaster .

Bulk SQI site check

Check several projects at once to compare metrics online

Competitors' SQI Check

Find out the indicator for the sites of competitors and SERP leaders and refine your site