Mass domain check

The tool checks up to 100 domains simultaneously and displays a chart with basic data. You can use it to perform a mass check by using the following parameters:

  • visitors, traffic, and traffic sources;
  • Yandex and Google indexing - the number of indexed pages in Yandex and Google;
  • SQI - site quality index by Yandex;
  • link mass and overall domain trust - the number of links and the level of trust from search engines;
  • whois - age of the domain and its expiration date;
  • age of the domain - the older the domain, the more trust it may have earned from search engines.
Enter the domains to check (up to 100):
Select the parameters for checking:

Check history

Why do we need a bulk domain check?

Our bulk domain checker is intended for mass check of the websites on several parameters, which are primarily important for webmasters and SEO specialists.

When its worth using a bulk domain check:

— before buying links;

— when making competitor analysis;

— monitoring client websites if you provide SEO services.

Why do you need this service?

With a whois check, you will be able to find out when any domain name expires. If you know the date, you may try to re-buy a domain name if its current owner forgets to pay for it. Of course, such manipulation is quite rare, but if we talk about competitive and cash niches, such a check will help get the desired domain.